Documentary Film Review: TrumpLand

Documentary Film Review:  TrumpLand

A mere eleven days before the 2016 General Election, the latest work of documentary filmmaker Michael Moore opened at Tulsa’s Circle Cinema.  In TrumpLand, Mr. Moore focuses little on the GOP candidate himself and mostly on the the voters who support him and why.  He also thoroughly discusses the history of Hillary Rodham Clinton and his history as an author with her.  Call me a bonafide liberal, but I processed this film as I would a family group dynamic session.  I commend Mr. Moore with attempting to connect with all Americans by seeking to underscore our commonalities and why so many conservative and former middle class citizens are filled with so much righteous anger at the Washington status quo.  At the end of the day we all still have to live with...

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2016 Oklahoma Ballot Questions: Know the Issues

2016 Oklahoma Ballot Questions:  Know the Issues

My dear brothers, sisters, readers of Reason Rest Stop and only friends, it is mid-October and we are in the home stretch of a marathon election cycle.  So much has been said about most of the candidates on the November ballot that there seems little remaining on which to comment.  Here in Oklahoma along the most conservative stretch of Old Route 66 we have seven state questions upon which we the voters are charged with making a choice.  Before going to the polls it is my recommendation to at very least be familiar with the gist of each of the seven questions on the ballot. The first of these is State Question 776.  This question deals with capital punishment as it adds a constitutional amendment affirming the State of Oklahoma’s right to carry out death...

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