About Reason Rest Stop

Reason Rest Stop is a Route 66 oasis of opinion offering a liberal and progressive viewpoint from a segment of a historically and internationally renowned highway known for its reliable brand of conservatism.  Of the Mother Road’s 2400 mile eight state odyssey, Oklahoma is undisputed as its most conservative segment.  Of the over 400 miles of Old Route 66 stretching through the Sooner State, the Oklahoma GOP holds a majority in every single county it transits.  In terms of Presidential politics, the GOP candidate carried 77 of 77 Oklahoma counties in the past four elections.  Oklahoma has not voted for a Democrat since LBJ in 1964.  At the state level, the advent of term limits made it easier for the Oklahoma Republicans to eventually become the majority party in the state legislature.  In 2010 the OKGOP won the Governor’s Mansion and their first ever majority in the State Senate which has only gotten larger since.  Election Day 2016 those majorities were reaffirmed by the Sooner State voters reducing the number of Democrats in the State House to twenty-six and a whopping six in the State Senate. For us non-conservative types who follow Oklahoma politics it is much like the weather; we may complain but there is nothing we can do about it beyond our civic duty. This blog is representative of the progressive enclaves in my home town and state that make the place habitable. Thank you for stopping in!

About the Route 66 Kid

I am the Route 66 Kid! I was born next to the Mother Road as it passes through what is now known as Midtown Tulsa. I grew up along Old Route 66, walked along it, crossed it or attended school next to it every day of the World as a youth.  I served in the U.S. Navy at Port Hueneme, CA about an hour from the Mother Road’s western terminus in Santa Monica and then later at Great Lakes, IL  some forty minutes from its eastern starting point at Grant Park and Lakeshore Drive in Chicago.  I lived along Old Route 66 when I attended school in Oklahoma City.  I became familiar with nearly every crack in I-40 and I-15 from driving back and forth from California to home during my aforementioned Naval career along with nearly every restored segment of the old Route paralleling those new ultra-mod interstates. Today I still live in Tulsa and work in my beloved home state in the Route 66 towns of Vinita and Oklahoma City. I have learned much in my years of traveling the Mother Road and feel a duty to share that knowledge.  Please understand that just because you possess no interest in politics does not mean politics will not possess an interest in you. If you are not careful you may have the same experience I had.  You might wake up one day saying to yourself and nobody in particular…”Dude, where is my country?!?”  Seriously.  You might find out someone bought the place while you were not looking.  Again, thank you for stopping in!