Organizing the grass roots

Organizing the grass roots

It was a productive afternoon at the organizing meeting of Tulsa for Bernie Sanders 2016.  The Nightengale Theater in Tulsa’s Pearl District was the venue where some 80 dedicated progressive grass roots volunteers met and organized into functional groups for the local Bernie Sanders for President 2016 campaign.  The energy and passion that all attendees brought was palpable.


In the spirit of playing to each individual’s strength, all volunteers were organized in one of a number of specific groups ranging from administration, fundraising, student (high school and college) organizing, voter outreach, event planning, and my favorite……public relations and communications.

It is over six months until primary season and over fourteen months until the 2016 general election, both of which constitute an eternity in politics.  Not a lot was accomplished today other than cursory introductions but in terms of message crafting everyone agreed on the following:

We, the volunteer supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders, are not against anyone.  We are for Senator Sanders and his agenda which respects the rights of all citizens in accordance with the U.S. Constitution, prioritizes the values of Middle Class Americans, and promotes a rational non-interventionist foreign policy.  We understand that a reasoned approach to governing best serves the needs of the nation both at home and abroad and that Senator Sanders’ track record of competent governance is well suited for such an office as President of the United States.


Being an operative for the local Democratic Party, it is my hope that all of our down ballot candidates can optimize their appeal to the voters by tapping the populist issues that Bernie Sanders brings to the table.  Among these are things which defined Middle Class America like a living wage, affordable health insurance and higher education, family leave, paid vacations, pension plans and any one of a number of other issues so many in Oklahoma are suffering without.  I have a great feeling about this.  It feels even better knowing I am not the only one!