Laughter IS the best medicine!

Today I attended the Tulsa County Democratic Party Luncheon Club meeting which was held at an old Route 66 venue, the Campbell Hotel and Event Center. ¬†The theme of the day in the aftermath of such a resounding electoral defeat two weeks ago was “Laughter is the Best Medicine.” Indeed, there are times we just have to laugh our asses off after so much crying in frustration. The guest speaker on hand to help us do that was one Barry Friedman. ¬†Barry even opened up the mic for comments from the attendees during which he took a lot of heat from a supporter of the now defeated Senatorial candidate Matt Silverstein. It seems the lady did not approve of an article he wrote in The Voice that was very critical of Mr. Silverstein. In the end it was less of an issue of voting for Mr. Silverstein as much as it was voting against Senator Inhofe. The only criticism I have to offer on the luncheon was it was over too soon. A guest like Barry Friedman should be given an entire hour block. There was one take-home message with which Barry left us after his dressing down for being overly critical of our candidates: Rather than run as GOP-lite and get defeated by 40 points, just stand for some genuine values and run as an honest bona-fide liberal Democrat and lose by 45 points! Hey, a defeat is a defeat so why compromise what we are? It was great to see all my TCDP friends today. It was nice to see so many of my fellow citizens who are not afraid to claim the title of Oklahoma Democrat.

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    Dec 27, 2014

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