My take on the outcome of the 2016 General Election

My take on the outcome of the 2016 General Election

As an Oklahoma Democrat, this is how I view the results of the 2016 General Election in my mind’s eye:


Seriously, just how did we manage to allow this?


USS Democrat

USS Democrat



Knocked out, down for the count.



Oh, spank me some more!

I need to update the “About” page on this blog to reflect yet another Presidential election where 77 out of 77 counties in Oklahoma were carried by the Republican ticket.  Believe it or not that is among the least of my concerns at the moment.  We are now down to twenty-six Democrats in the Oklahoma House and a whopping six in the  Senate.  I was acutely aware from the beginning of the campaign season that the leadership of the party in control of the state capitol has no intention of changing direction in terms of policy.  It wasn’t until she absolutely had to that Gov. Fallin and the state Corporation Commission took action to shut down waste water injection wells in a 725 square mile area in Pawnee and Payne Counties after the 5.8 earthquake in early September.  Most people do not know that the State of Oklahoma is one major crisis away from federal intervention.  With the defeat of State Question 779, the one cent sales tax for education, the GOP-controlled legislature will continue to dismantle public education.  All my concerns about my home house district and the neighboring house districts in central and south Tulsa were confirmed when I saw some of the finest candidates I’ve seen go down on Election Night to lopsided defeats.  I won’t complain about the Democratic Presidential ticket being a drag down-ballot.  I will abide by the result of Tuesday’s election being an indication that not enough voters to matter have felt the effects of failing state government.  I am acutely aware that I reside in a very red district in a very red city located in a very red county and state.  I interfaced with a lot of local folks in the past few months who had no clue what was going on at the state capitol in Oklahoma City nor did they care.  The educators lobby that emerged to challenge so many of the legislative seats was soundly rebuffed.  I have heard a lot of long and loud grousing about increasing health insurance premiums which so many are so quick to blame on President Obama’s Affordable Care Act.  I am one whose monthly health insurance premium is going to cost more than my mortgage beginning in January.  I know corporate profiteering when I see it!  If anyone thinks privatizing essential services is the way to go they need look no further than their health insurance premium, the increase of which has nothing to do with government.  It has all to do with contributing to exorbitant profits of CEOs and shareholders.

During the course of the campaign I remember telling a lot of people that the big downside to one party being in control of the Governor’s Mansion and both chambers of the state capitol is that they have nobody to blame for the results of their governance.  If they have changed nothing then we can look forward to another year of revenue failure and yet again another crisis in formulating the state budget.  We’ll see what the next two years brings to the people of Oklahoma.  We have an open governor’s seat in 2018 so we’ll see how much further we as a state have to sink due to failing government before the tipping point is reached.

On Friday I was able to attend the Tulsa County Democratic Party Luncheon Club.  I am going to propose a new name for the monthly event and for the TCDP:  The Tulsa County Chapter of the Democratic Majority.


It was nice to see so many new faces at Luncheon Club as so many now motivated progressives and Democrats turned out to see what they could do to help make a difference going forward.  As we work through accepting the results of the election we must keep our heads about us.  The current policy course of our state is unsustainable and if history is our guide we all may find ourselves in the depths of economic depression in the not-too-distant future.  When things finally crash and enough voters demand answers and solutions to difficult questions and problems, we the dedicated members of the local Democratic majority have to be ready to step up and provide a new direction for Oklahoma.

Acclimating to President-elect Donald J. Trump’s America may be a day to day process.  Marching backward is now our new normal.  In doing so all must take heart.  We must be well honed, willing and prepared to step up and answer the call at the appropriate time.  Always be vigilant and duly note what happens every day.  It is up to us to make the new President and those in charge accountable for their actions and above all, the results of them.

Everyone, let us collectively work to make America kind again.

Trump 2016



  1. Route66Kid
    Nov 13, 2016

    You know it, Carl! 😉

  2. Carl A.
    Nov 12, 2016

    Stan, is that a picture of Gen. Boykin administering Hillary’s corporal punishment for being a nasty, nasty woman?

  3. Alex
    Nov 12, 2016

    I find this is an excellent opportunity to do what I’ve been meaning to for a while: stop reading the news so much.

    I guess somehow we deserve who we elect. The not-so-ironic part is that, especially for this state, the officials we elect and policies we support generally hurt our electorate the most.

    I am somewhat skeptical of this state ever finding a tipping point due to the apparent ease of disconnecting cause and effect in popular reasoning. Climate change is a hoax, earthquakes are caused by wind turbine harmonics, the US is not great (it was better when sexism and racism were generally accepted). It’s almost like we live in a bad George Orwell novel.

    It’s one thing to live with conservative types. I have friends and family among them, most of them good people. What’s scarier is to be surrounded by an electorate deficient in critical thinking ability. Right not now it’s just embarrassing. I hope I have the presence of mind to recognize before it’s too late should it become dangerous. A democracy (or republic) is only as strong as the education of its populace.

    Keep reasoning my friends.

  4. Denise Carpenter
    Nov 12, 2016

    Well said. I’m so happy and proud that my Cindi Munson was re-elected. She’s going to have to be tough in her hostile work environment!