One hundred days of lunacy

One hundred days of lunacy

A couple of weeks after winning the November General Election, the then President-elect delivered a speech to the nation detailing his bold plan for this first 100 days:

Policy Plan for the First 100 Days

Any non-Fox “News” journalist, ie, any reality based media person who is not a cheerleader for the current regime and is capable of reporting unvarnished real world first person facts will paint a much different picture than the 45th President’s alternate reality highlights.  Admittedly, Keith Olbermann is one of the guy’s more caustic critics and pulls no punches:

The Resistance with Keith Olbermann on the First 100 Days

For all the grief President Obama’s detractors spewed over the his alleged overindulgence in perfecting his golf game on the taxpayer’s dime, the silence from the same quarters is deafening with regard to the 45th President’s focus on that of his own, and all these rounds were played in his first 100 days:

In the incumbent President’s parallel universe, all is well.  Despite overall approval ratings at a historic low for this point in a presidency, some 96% of those who voted for him have no regrets, would vote for him again and believes he can do no wrong.  It remains to be seen if there is any of his glaring ignorance so obvious, any of his abuses so flagrant, any of his policies so extreme or any of his decisions so egregiously bad to convince any of his most ardent supporters that he really has no clue as to what he is doing or how to govern a nation.  To his base he is saving America.  To the rest of us he is making a sound case that we need to put the adults back in charge.

Well, he didn’t really lose an aircraft carrier.  He simply was not made aware of which direction it was going or the nature of its mission.  In spite of that, the 45th President’s supporters believe he can do no wrong despite how much damage he may really be doing.  This is not surprising.  My regular readers may recall this post from August 2015 detailing why so many conservatives, particularly those fringe variety, find the man appealing.  In him they see at least a little bit of themselves.  Indeed, to hear the 45th President describe his first 100 days to his supporters it wasn’t just an acceptable run, it was just about the most successful in U.S. History!

“My first 100 days are ‘just about the most successful’ in U. S. History!”

In light of this I would suggest the establishment of a new government agency:

 Something tells me that given what the rest of us have seen in these past hundred days, we can look forward to seeing more of the same.  While the President has seemed to blissfully blunder through his honeymoon period, we have seen Republicans be rewarded with the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, the culmination of a year long rope-a-dope strategy by Senate GOP leadership to shut down one section of government because they didn’t like the last President’s nominee.  We have also seen the signs of their true intent to deregulate the health insurance industry with the failed effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act.  What they are able to pass to replace it remains to be seen.

In spite of what the President said to his NRA base on Friday, there is no substitute for true candor.  I must give credit where credit is due, the man himself came clean this week and admitted his new job was more work than he thought it would be:

Admission that being a President is hard

The one silver lining for the 45th President in this otherwise controversial and arbitrary “performance period” is the fact that friendly Congress members have been able to slow the Russian hacking investigation to a crawl.  The truth is the one unmitigated success of this first 100 day period is that nobody in this regime has been subpoenaed, arrested, charged or prosecuted related to a cyber attack on U.S. sovereignty by a foreign government.  As I have stated previous, the amount of smoke emanating from this hacking scandal is beginning to choke enough people to matter.  A circumspect Congress with no conflicts of interest would have presented a litany of data to the Department of Justice weeks ago but the concern with taking their time and dragging this out in the name of using their majority to enact their agenda could go on for months.  In the meantime I am sure we will, as Senator John McCain articulated so artfully, see “a lot more shoes drop off this centipede.”  While the 45th President gets schooled in so much he doesn’t know regarding foreign policy, the World still remains every bit as dangerous as it was on January 19th.  I genuinely fear how much damage will be done by ego-driven marginal to bad decision making and blatant mismanagement through inappropriate application of military force while #45 learns some hard lessons at the expense of so many others.  My critics I’m sure will tell me we have endured far worse.  I just want them to understand that my metric of success or failure is lives and treasure.  The existential question of our time is how much of each must we lose before enough people demand that the adults be put back in charge?

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  1. Carl A.
    Apr 29, 2017

    I didn’t watch this idiot’s inauguration, and I have no intention of watching the hoo-rah surrounding the 1st 100 days of this idiot’s purported ‘administration’…

    The only reason why the dumbass didn’t realize being President is hard, is because he thought there would be a whole lot more pussy-grabbing involved, instead of having his tiny little balls squeezed hard on a daily basis.

    And if by “adults” you mean Republicans, then you are going to be sadly disappointed I’m afraid. The ongoing fracture of the Republican Party into Right-wing Conservative Nutjobs and Right-wing Conservative Screwloose’s is still continuing apace, and there is no sign of any sanity on the political horizon.

    They are all just as incompetent and hypocritical as Trump himself, and thoroughly deserve to have each other as fellow bed-wetters… peeing on the Congressional carpets is about all any of them will be able to accomplish.