Service and Sacrifice: A position statement

Service and Sacrifice:  A  position statement

The 2016 Republican Presidential nominee, after totally mishandling some very easy questions in a Sunday morning interview, has effectively become a two-ton anchor around the neck of his own campaign as well as his party.  Trying to equate his business achievements with the supreme sacrifice of an Army captain who had been killed in action in Iraq has kept the GOP hopeful on the defensive all this week.

The GOP candidate insists he was “attacked” in a speech delivered last week at the Democratic National Convention by Mr. Khizr Khan whose son, Captain Humayun Khan, was killed in Iraq in 2004.  Mr. Khan’s “attack” consisted of a straight forward question, a simple inquiry if the GOP nominee had ever read the Constitution.  Mr. Khan then promptly expressed his opinion that the top of the Republican ticket has sacrificed nothing.  Sometimes the truth does hurts like hell.  Playing defense on this issue for a week has been a losing proposition for the GOP Presidential campaign.  This is what has necessitated the issuing a position statement.


As frequent readers of Reason Rest Stop may know, Yours Truly was recently elected Vice President to the Oklahoma Democratic Party Veterans Committee.  This is our official position on the issue of military service and sacrifice:


Service and Sacrifice:  Democratic Veterans Position Statement

As citizens who have at least once in our life raised our right arm to a square and affirmed an oath to support the Constitution of the United States and to defend it against all enemies both foreign and domestic, we hold sacred the values embodied in the document.  Dedication to the defense of the United States, its interests, its citizens and the promotion of its values both at home and on foreign shores demands a level of commitment which transcends all religious denominations, national origins, cultural associations and political party affiliation.  Anyone who affirms a military enlistment or commissioning oath has effectively demonstrated a level of patriotism which by any reasonable metric is above and beyond all reproach.  The memory of any service member who has lost their life in the course of fulfilling the mission requirements of their duty holds a lasting and sacrosanct place in the heart of the American nation.

In the course of any political campaign for any public office, hyperbole and bombast understandably go with the territory.  Speaking to move the masses is an integral part of politics, however, there are boundaries of common decency as real as they are imaginary.  Anyone seeking the office of Commander-In-Chief must choose their language wisely.  Denigration of the values of courage, honor and commitment of any active service member or veteran or disparaging a member of their family based on cultural or religious affiliation fails the integrity criteria necessary for the office.      

We, the Democratic Veterans of Oklahoma, stand firmly on the side of all those serving and who have served in defense of the Constitution of the United States both living and dead and with all Blue Star and Gold Star families.  We recognize that shared sacrifice is what made America great and the service and sacrifice of those currently and formerly in uniform is what continues to make it great.  We hold fast to those values of integrity, zeal, valor and patriotism contained in the oath we affirmed upon our enlistment, commissioning and promotion and strive to support candidates who exemplify and uphold them.


As the GOP ticket flounders and its poll numbers plummet those heretofore supporting it, particularly those in the right wing base of the party, have a critical decision before them.  It is not going to be easy for them to support their candidate without getting the sleaze of his reprehensible “sacrifice” comparison not to mention so much other of his wrongheaded and off base rhetoric all over them.  Many and I would dare say most 2016 GOP voters do not care as they have hitched their hopes and dreams to a narcissistic TV personality they find appealing and perhaps even desire to become.  It is my hope that those in the Republican Party who have not abandoned all sense of reason do the right thing and unhitch themselves from this from this egregious display of political incompetence and self-serving reality invention.  As Bill Maher so eloquent put it a few months ago, there is no shame in punting.  Republicans, you are going to lose this election.  All I ask is please don’t lose what is left of your integrity along with it.

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  1. Route66Kid
    Oct 30, 2016

    I will have to track them down.

  2. Tony O'seland
    Oct 29, 2016

    I still want one of those patches. Where are they available?

  3. MB
    Aug 8, 2016

    Your blog captures the truth of both parties in regards to how Americans feel about our veterans; one person alone cannot dim that light. Whomever wins this race will leave our country split in many ways. Personally it is difficult to invest my energy into making America great again. I will use what energy I have trying to make my home state great again.

  4. Carl A.
    Aug 7, 2016

    Also, the fact that he finds it “much easier” to accept another person’s hard-earned Purple Heart than to undergo any combat to get one rightfully for himself… but then, he probably thinks paper-cuts should count.

  5. Cheryl Reese
    Aug 6, 2016

    Well said. Let’s not forget his comment about John McCain, an American Hero and former POW. His comment that “I prefer soldiers who were not captured” was beyond the pale.

  6. Tony O'seland
    Aug 6, 2016

    Bravo. Well said my friend.

  7. John pettyjohn
    Aug 6, 2016

    Great work…thanks..semper fi..cpl.John pettyjohn u.s.m.c.