The misery of living in Obama’s America, April 2015 update

The misery of living in Obama’s America, April 2015 update

Oh, the misery of living under the tyranny of responsible leadership!  Are things perfect?  Hardly.  My question is would anyone care to return to where we were economically at 12:01 PM EST on 20 January 2009?  Anyone?  Behold where we are now:  Obama’s Numbers April 2015


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History will not judge President Obama by how much he accomplished per se.  It will judge him by how much resistance from an uncooperative and openly hostile Congress he overcame to achieve it.  I wonder where we would be had President Obama had a Congress who at least worked with him on a few issues after 2010.  In spite of a few unfavorable numbers, there is no doubt that the USA has fared far better under the policies of President Obama than it did under the recklessness of those of his predecessor.


Oh the misery of having to tolerate the tyranny of irresponsible Congressional leadership!  I am talking about someone closer to home, specifically the senior senator from Oklahoma, one James Mountain Inhofe.  The position taken by his campaign and supporters that his deliberate ignorance regarding issues such as climate change and especially hydraulic fracturing is just as good as a learned person’s scientifically derived knowledge is going to prove extremely costly to many of his constituents.

Senator Inhofe on fracking and water contamination:

Inhofe, March 20: Since 1949, my state of Oklahoma has led the way on hydraulic fracturing regulations, and just like the rest of the nation, we have yet to see an instance of ground water contamination. 

Dear Senator, please duly note the Nebraska farmer’s water specimens.

We won’t even begin to discuss the associated earthquakes!

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