The name of the city is spelled T-U-L-S-A

The name of the city is spelled T-U-L-S-A

Wednesday was a very newsworthy day along this the most conservative stretch of the Mother Road.  Our fair city had a visit from a GOP Presidential candidate and his former VP candidate water carrier.  Other than their brief presence three miles around the corner and down the street from where I am sitting posting this, that is all I care to report.  Since the candidate’s vision is HUGE I am sure he has plenty of his own hacks and all the bandwidth he could ever want or need to push his jingoistic and xenophobic message without any help from me so I will let it go at that.  Trust me though, more people than almost everyone have taken note.

I'm With Stupid

The most noteworthy piece of news in all the brouhaha amid the mass of humanity between the candidate’s rabid supporters and throngs of vehement protesters was the double downside of the anti-intellectualism inherent in modern conservatism.  Those responsible likely don’t think a misprint on an official media credentials badge rates highly on the gaffe scale but after suffering through two terms of the last conservative in the White House whose bad grammar and overt ignorance got old quickly, I cannot sit still in the face of the prospect of another one.  For the record, the name of the city is spelled T-U-L-S-A.  I don’t think he can make America any greater than it already is but I would hope when he sets out to earn the right to that he could start by correcting the spelling errors in his own camp.

Trump Media Badge typo

For the record, Tulsa is the 47th largest city in the United States and has a population of just under 400,000 as of July 2014.  It was the birthplace of Old Route 66 which was the brain child of Tulsa resident Cyrus Avery.  This is my home town after all and I am acutely aware of the political divide that is a fact of life in a city that was once upon a time a Democratic bastion.

Tulsa, OK skyline

The local news reported the candidate was an hour late for the rally but he spewed his usual bile and vitriol and moved on.  He finished the day in Las Vegas, NV according the news reports.  The take-home message for today’s gaffe is the spelling of the city’s name, and for that I will leave everyone with rendition of an appropriate song for that particular news of the day.

T-U-L-S-A Straight Ahead

Historic Route 66

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  1. Carl A.
    Jan 21, 2016

    Tusla, Oklahoma… you gotta admit, it’s got a certain ring to it! (Typical Trump, he doesn’t even know which town he’s in!) 🙂