Veterans looking out for Veterans

Veterans looking out for Veterans

On this gorgeous spring-like February Saturday morning I, the Route66Kid, made my way down the turnpike paralleling the Mother Road and attended a meeting of the Oklahoma Democratic Party Veteran’s Committee at the Oklahoma Democratic Party Headquarters in Oklahoma City.  Even though there were only a little over a dozen members present, veteran demographics ranging from WWII to the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan were represented.  The main item on this meeting’s agenda was the election of new officers.  By the time it adjourned the ODPVC elected Oklahoma City attorney and Army special forces veteran Kevin McCray as Chairman, Army field artillery veteran Kenneth Pitre as Vice Chair and Army veteran of the conscript era Jim Huff as Secretary.  Former Chair Calvin Rees was retained as interim Treasurer.

It is the mission of the ODPVC to help recruit and elect Democratic candidates to legislative and other state offices.  The Committee also seeks to educate legislators and the general public on issues pertinent to military veterans, active duty military members and their dependents, and give input to the crafting of legislation pertaining to Veteran affairs.  For me, as a Democratic Veteran, it was a worth while trip down the Mother Road!


From left:  Jim Huff (Secretary), Kevin McCray (Chair), Kenneth Pitre (Vice Chair), Calvin Rees (Interim Treasurer)



  1. Kevin McCray
    Feb 22, 2015

    Thanks Stan for the post, and thank you Tony for the comment. We are always looking for veterans who wan to be active in their areas helping to recruit new members and hosting fundraisers. If you want to be involved, please contact us.

  2. Tony O'seland
    Feb 15, 2015

    This sounds like a worthy group to participate in if it weren’t a six-hour round trip. Are there any chapters in the Tahlequah area?

    I am both amazed and shamed at the lack of representation at the federal level of veterans. While I do not advocate a coup, I think that there need to be more individuals who actually know the cost of freedom and can tell it from the bottom line on a spread sheet.

    Keep up the good work, Stan, and everyone else. I look forward to the day this organizatin is represented in my area.