Winning blue in a sea of red

Winning blue in a sea of red

It was an eventful week along this, the most conservative stretch of Old Route 66.  There was a special election in House District 85 (NW Oklahoma City) to replace the late David Dank who sadly passed away earlier this year.  This particular district has been a GOP bastion since its formation over fifty years ago.  Indeed, this district was once represented by our current state chief executive, Governor Mary Fallin.

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What makes this special election worthy of national news is that it was won by the Democratic candidate, Cyndi Munson.   Not only was it won, it was won decisively by a vote percentage of 54 to 46 over the GOP candidate Chip Carter.   It is too bad for Mr. Carter that dollars cannot vote as he vastly outraised and outspent Ms. Munson by a margin of nearly 3 to 1.  Truly, sweat equity and total commitment carried the day for the Democrat in this race.  Cyndi Munson proved the party’s message can appeal to a majority of voters even in a district where, on paper, GOP registration outnumbers Democratic by nearly 3300 with over 2900 Independents.  Mr. Carter lamented after that fact that being endorsed by so many of the elected GOP officials proved to be counterproductive.  As governing is a results based endeavor, the results most of the GOP officials endorsing the Republican have been responsible for during the last legislative session have not been favorable.  I will say it again, results matter.  Results matter a lot!

Photo by KGOU

Cyndi Munson (Photo by KGOU)

The question going forward is can Ms. Munson successfully win reelection in 2016.  I know many analysts and pundits are now wondering if this lone outlier Democratic victory in such an overwhelmingly GOP district is a harbinger of consternation for the state’s Republican establishment or merely an aberration not worthy of sleep loss.  It was noted that Ms. Munson had a very hard working and astute professional and volunteer staff that went the extra mile so to speak and connected with enough voters to help carry the day.  I will personally vouch for that statement and go as far to say that my $20.15 donation to her campaign was the best AJ, dime and nickel I have donated to any political candidate in the past few elections.  This victory has however sent a clear and clarion message that if a Democrat can win in the reddest of red districts then it is game on everywhere!


In the 2014 General Election there were over 30 legislative and statewide office races which were uncontested by the Democrats.  The newly elected Chairman of the Oklahoma Democratic Party, Mark Hammons, has issued a directive to all county and district officers, NO ONE RUNS UNOPPOSED IN OKLAHOMA!  It is my sincerest hope that Cyndi Munson is leading the way in a shift back to a more Democratic legislature.  She has proven that winning blue in a sea of red is entirely doable with the right candidate and the right message.  As the GOP’s dearth of workable ideas becomes evermore apparent, the party of reason has an opportunity to shine bright.  Representative Elect Munson and her staff is a shining example of what a successful campaign resembles.


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  1. Sheri Forester
    Sep 12, 2015

    Excellent article Stan! This is just what we need to prove to the voters of Oklahoma that Bernie Sanders ideas about repairing this broken country CAN resonate with Oklahoma voters and allow changes to be made to our state government as well as our elected representatives in Washington. Oklahoma is ready for a CHANGE!


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